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Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is a good option if you live in a rural area where ‘traditional’ fixed-line broadband services aren’t available. It uses a satellite dish to provide two-way access to broadband services, plus a designated modem to decode the signal.

Satellite Internet requires a ‘line of sight’ between the satellite and the receiver dish and in the UK this means that your dish will need to point south. Previously, satellite internet services had a reputation of being slower than their fixed line equivalents and data allowances have traditionally been less. However, technology is continuously improving and competition between suppliers means that there are some very good, competitive, packages available with high quality services. Satellite internet is quickly catching up on fixed line products; and it will deliver far better performance than the pre-broadband ADSL internet connections.

Useful facts:
Sky TV uses satellites to provide its tv service, but it does not use satellites for its broadband packages; it uses the BT Open reach network of fixed lines.
Because satellite internet services need a ‘line of sight’, the signal can sometimes be disrupted by bad weather.

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