• Thermal Fever Screening for a safe return to work

    Protect your workforce and visitors from invisible infection

    Coronavirus (Covid19) will be with us for the foreseeable future. There has never been a more important time for regular checks on the health of your workforce and visitors to your business.

    Thermal Screening works by detecting elevated skin surface temperature quickly and reliably. The Hikvision’s Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras will record a temperature within 1 second and to an accuracy of up to 0.3 deg C. Several people can be scanned at the same time. Anyone whose temperature appears abnormal can then be taken aside for a separate temperature test with a thermometer and other checks if need be.

    Key Benefits

    • Highly Efficient – can measure individuals and groups, so it’s easy to monitor a flow of people moving though one access point
    • Safe – accurate temperature recognition without contact
    • Fast – easy to install and operate – and in practical terms, an instant response when scanning
    • Cost effective – buy or rent, depending on what’s appropriate for your location and need
    • Flexible – Different packages and options for equipment.
    • Improves wellbeing – reduces overall levels of sickness and improves staff safety and wellbeing; visitors benefit and checking visitors helps keep your organisation safe.

    Main Features

    • One second to detect human skin surface temperature
    • Simultaneous multi-person detection – measures the temperature of everyone in view of the camera
    • AI detects other heat sources (eg hot liquid) to reduce false alarms
    • Immediate alarm to notify operators if raised temperature is detected
    • Mask detection
    • Advanced facial recognition
    • Continuous self-recalibration


    • Detect and record faces for a temperature history matched to individuals
    • Video recording
    • Email reports

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      Packages available

      Professional Range

      • Screening Channel
      • ‘Bullet’ thermal, tripod for camera and adaptor
      • Mounted 1.7m – 2.5m high
      • Face distance to camera 2m – 7m and 2.5m – 9m
      • Accurate to 0.3 deg C
      • Data logged to software IVMS-4200 and reviewed by operator in real time.
      • NVR for recording of data
      • Black box calibrator
      • Laptop configured with at least 2TB HDD
      • Mobile desk and chair

      Eco Range

      • Screening Channel
      • Turret or Bullet thermal camera for Eco range. Tripod for camera and adapter
      • Installation Height 1.5m with Tripod
      • Face distance from camera can be between 0.8 – 2.5m & 1.5m – 3m
      • Accurate to 0.5°C
      • Data logged to software IVMS-4200 and reviewed by operator as it happens
      • Laptop configured with at least 2TB HDD
      • Mobile desk and chair


      • Handheld Fever Reader(s)
      • Face distance should be between 1.5m – 2.5m
      • Can have multiple handhelds connected over WiFi, monitored over IVMS-4200 by operator
      • Laptop configured with at least 2TB HDD
      • Mobile desk and chair
      • Screening channel
      • Convenient and easy to relocate.

      Get in touch to explain your requirements and we’ll be able to advice on the most cost-effective package: 01604 857557