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    Home 4G Setup

    4G is not just for mobiles!

    4G is the 4thgeneration mobile technology but it’s not limited to use with mobiles. 4G can deliver home internet too.

    4G enables access to fast wireless broadband in areas where the fixed line infrastructure may be limited and very slow. You don’t need a phone line and set up is straightforward. If you want to improve your broadband, or if you just want complete portability, Home 4G is the way to go.

    Home 4G is easy to set up

    To get you set up we fix a small aerial to the outside of your property. This connects to a new 4G wireless router which will be plugged in inside. It’s that simple.

    Of course, we work carefully to make sure the antenna outside is in the best place without being too intrusive, and we’ll check throughout the property to make sure you have a good consistent signal. Large properties may need additional boosters inside to guarantee a strong signal in every room.

    We’ll make sure that the equipment we fit is completely compatible with your chosen network provider.

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