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Wi-Fi Points

A strong reliable Wi-Fi signal means seamless communication at work and relaxation &entertainment at home. Say goodbye to hours of frustration; say goodbye to ‘still loading.’

We supply and install Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi hotspots to help you get the most out of your technology, and the most out of your day.

We’re a local business, serving local businesses and homes. We will usually be able to get on site the same day, and it’s rare for us not to be there within 24 hours.

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Wi-Fi Networks

A good Wi-Fi network means you can get online from your smartphone, laptop or tablet from anywhere within your home or at work without a hardwired connection. It allows instant sharing of information between devices and easy connection to ‘networked’ items such as printers and TVs. Using Wi-Fi with mobile devices also cuts down usage of mobile data, saving allowances for when you are outside.

As well as installing from scratch we can help improve existing networks. Some older equipment, or networks with very heavy usage, can develop ‘outages’ or blank spots – we can advise on how to deal with this, including selective upgrades or whole system replacements.

Wi-Fi Hot Spots

A wireless hot spot is a wireless point providing Wi-Fi which is usually limited to a small area around that location. A Hot Spot provides access to the internet for mobile devices. They are useful on large commercial premises or where you wish to provide visitors and guests with Wi-Fi which is not automatically part of your own secure network – for example in restaurants and shops

We can advise on different Hot spot options, depending on your location and requirements.

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Our preferred partner is Ubiquiti Networks, renowned for their innovative wireless products which have a well proven record of reliability and value for money.