Can I Use Sky Dish for Freesat?

With ITV and BBC’s Freesat, viewers can enjoy more free channels as compared to Freeview. If you’re not happy with Freeview’s reception, Freesat can be an excellent alternative. What does the service offer? Can it be your home’s perfect option? This quick guide addresses Freesat’s critical information every user may need to know, including:

  • Can you use Sky Dish for Freesat?
  • Channels you can access on Freesat
  • Freesat HD
  • Getting Freesat
  • Freesat from Sky

Can You Use a Sky Dish for Freesat?

With your old satellite dish, you can enjoy Freesat service. To install a new satellite dish, you can arrange with your retailer after purchasing the Freesat box. You can also consult with installation professionals at for help.

If the warranty for your satellite dish hasn’t expired, you may want to confirm whether receiving Freesat with it can compromise the warranty. The current Freesat’s 4K TV boxes can support both Narrowband LNB and Wideband LNB.

If you want to switch to Freesat, you can check Freesat Webstore for products that may suit your needs, including 4K Boxes.

Channels You Can Access on Freesat

With Freeview, you can access over 30 radio stations, 15 HD channels, and 70 TV channels, but Freesat offers more than this. For example, accessible TV channels are over 200, and you can view more than 20 of them in HD. Apart from ITV, BBC Two, BBC One, Channel 5, and Channel 4, other channels you can access include:

  • Music channels including Magic, the Vault, and Vintage TV
  • Kids channels such as CITV, CBeebies, and CBBC
  • Lifestyle channels including Travel Channel, Showcase TV, and Food Network UK
  • News channels such as Al Jazeera Films, Russia today, Sky News, BBC Parliament, and BBC News

Freesat HD

The HD channels you can access on Freesat are more than 20. Some of these include Channel 5 HD, ITV HD, BBC News HD, BBC Two HD, and BBC One HD. It would help if you had a PVR, set-top box (Compatible), and DVB-S2 (Freesat HD tuner) to access these channels.

Getting Freesat

A satellite dish is necessary for receiving Freesat. While many Freesat users already have a satellite dish, you may consider installing it if you don’t have one. Dish installation may cost you approximately £100. Freesat product retailers can provide dish set up, supply, and installation. Note sometimes they can offer discounts, and you can ask this during your purchase.

TVs with Freesat

With some TVs, you don’t need an external set-top box to receive Freesat because they come with satellite tuners. All you need is plugging the satellite cable for Freesat access. These TVs are available in the market, and you can choose the right one according to your needs.

Set-top Box

This set-top box can cost up to £80, with the HD ones costing more. With an HDMI cable, you can connect to the TV and satellite feed.

Freesat+ PVRs

You can pause live TV or record programmes using Freesat+. The approximate cost for Freesat+ PVRs is £190.

Freesat From Sky

This is Sky’s satellite TV service, which is subscription-free. It can be an excellent option because you can access over 240 channels. Sky clients who don’t want to continue paying the subscription fee can opt for Freesat from Sky and enjoy the free channels.

Sky Dish for Freesat Conclusion

Freesat promises excellent offers for customers and can be great for TV users. If you think the deal is exciting, you can check the offers online to make an informed decision.