Watching television at the end of a busy day is most people’s go-to way to relax. Nowadays, there is a massive range of television channels to watch, and if you cannot access them, you may feel like you are missing out. Having a satellite dish fitted at your home ensures you can watch all your favourite programmes and take your pick from hundreds of TV channels. 

If you want to access the vast range of available channels at your home or business, opting for a SKY or FreeSAT satellite dish will help you do just that. Here at Sterling Satellite Installations, we are satellite experts and can supply and install your SKY, FreeSAT, and FreeSAT from SKY dishes across Northamptonshire. However, what is the cost of installing a satellite dish? Read on to find out more.

The Cost of Installing a Satellite Dish

One question you may have is, what is the cost of installing a satellite dish? In general, you will not have to pay too much to have a satellite dish installed, which is excellent news when you think of all the benefits that it brings. But, the cost of your installation depends on several factors:

  • The type of satellite dish you want installed.
  • Whether you need new brackets and/or a new pole.
  • The location the cables need to reach and how much cable is needed.
  • The size of the dish needed to pick up the best signal.
  • Whether you have an existing dish you will be re-using.
  • Where you would like the dish positioned.
  • How many televisions you want to be connected to your dish.
  • How many satellite feeds you want (you will need two feeds if you want to watch one channel while recording on a different channel).

Each of these factors are just a guide on how the price of your satellite dish installation could be affected. But, at Sterling Satellite Installations, we pride ourselves on carrying out every installation to the highest standard and at a price that offers value for money. 

The best way to determine the cost of installing a satellite dish at your property is to get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Why Choose Sterling Satellite Installations?

Are you looking for a company to carry out your satellite dish installation? At Sterling Satellite Installations, we are proud to provide expert satellite installation Northamptonshire for our customers.

Here are just a few reasons customers choose us for their satellite dish installations:

  • Thanks to our links with Sterling Scaffolding, we are experts at working at height, which means we are equipped to handle complex and hard-to-reach dish installations. 
  • We hold the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) certification required to install satellite dishes in the UK. 
  • We have a track record of providing careful, high-quality workmanship for our customers.
  • Our service is always reliable, so you can depend on us to be there when you need us.
  • As well as offering high-quality work, we also provide excellent value for money. 

Contact Sterling Satellite Installations today on 01604 857557 to find out how we can help you.