Why Doesn’t My Antenna Pick Up Channels?

Once you set your TV antenna correctly, ensure to plug it into the correct input, then get your remote and run a channel scan. It should automatically work. However, if it doesn’t, there could be an issue and you might be wondering “Why doesn’t my antenna pick up channels?”, you’ll need to troubleshoot to identify the problem.

Choosing the Right Antenna

What to consider before you purchase your antenna

  • Find out the channels available for you to watch in your location
  • Find out whether you’ll be able to watch your favourite channel
  • The cost and rules of installation within your locality 
  • Choose the antenna that will work best for you, indoor or outdoor.

The proximity between where you live and the signal tower determines the size of the antenna. Ideally, the closer you are, the shorter it’ll be. On the other hand, if it is a short distance, you may need to raise your antenna a bit higher.

If you are looking for your channels’ quality, you may want to go for an outdoor antenna rather than an indoor one. However, if the signal strength in your location is good, you may place your outdoor antenna inside and still enjoy watching your favourite channels.

For easier installation, you better go for an omnidirectional antenna as it can pick channels facing all directions. The directional antenna also works well when put to face the right direction.

Why Doesn’t My Antenna Pick Up Channels?

Here is what you need to check;

The barriers between the broadcasters’ tower and your locality. For instance, tall buildings, trees, hilly terrain and so on. You may want to raise your antenna higher to solve this issue.

You can place an antenna cable directly to your TV, and if it still can’t pick channels, you can use an amplifier or splitters to scan the channels.

If you have some channels missing, you need to check the frequencies by auto-tuning.

Rarely does the antenna get faulty, but if it fails to work ultimately, you might consider purchasing another one.

How Should I Troubleshoot My Antenna?

Check out your TV reception. If it’s available but still not clear, placing your antenna outside will solve the issue.

Check whether your picture quality is unclear or not showing at all. If that’s the case, you’ll need to change your TV or antenna location or both.

Weather conditions can also affect the channel search. It may get worse with snow, rain, and strong winds.

An antenna should pick up channels without struggle, primarily if your location is near the signal tower. Furthermore, people living in urban areas are more privileged.

If your antenna still doesn’t pick up channels at this point, it is better to seek assistance from qualified engineers to help you install your antenna. For example, a UK satellite and antenna repair company will send you their technicians if you need assistance. 

Bottom Line

Before you purchase an antenna, you may want to find out which one suits your needs best, ranging from digital free-to-air to paid ones, indoor and outdoor, the channels available, and the signal strength within your location. Usually, fixing your antenna should not be a highly complex process. And so, doing it the right way should be faster than you can imagine.