The connection of the antenna to the television set requires good knowledge in this area. It is thus recommended to entrust the installation of the TV antenna to a specialist. Having an antenna connected to your TV means that you can connect to a range of TV channels with great connections. An outdoor TV antenna is a durable and esteemed piece of equipment to bring an exceptional quality connection to your home. 

Depending on the conditions offered by your building, you can use a conventional TV antenna. These antennas come in different models, sizes and qualities. If the devices intended to be installed inside the house are easier to use, the image quality they offer is unsatisfactory. This is why more and more households are opting for the outdoor TV antenna. The advantage of adopting such a device rather than an indoor antenna is the quality of the reception. Also, an outdoor TV antenna is larger. It can easily access the transmission line without any obstacles. However, among the countless models of antennas that currently exist on the market, you can easily get lost. In addition, prices vary from one prototype to another. For these reasons we offer you, in this article, a buying guide that makes it easier for you to choose your antenna. Firstly, the material used is also important depending on the region in which you live and the climate to which the antenna will be exposed:

  • Aluminum antenna: good moisture resistance, effective, but poor wind resistance
  • Zinc or steel antenna: resists well to wind, but rusts easily and is quite heavy
  • Composite SMC antenna: good wind and moisture resistance, but medium efficiency

What are the advantages of the outdoor TV antenna?

When a radio signal is emitted by a satellite or radio transmitter, the waves induce an electric current in the antenna. Depending on the frequency of the radio waves, this information is then converted into video and audio and displayed on the user’s TV. Even though outdoor television antennas have several purposes, their main one, which we will talk about, is the reception of television signals. Radio broadcasts are picked up and transmitted. The first reason why many people opt for an outdoor TV antenna is their price savings. A satellite receiver costs much more to install, and cable TV and subscription services can also cost much more in the long run. Many people simply do not spend enough time in front of the television to justify spending this money. Instead, they simply get an outdoor TV antenna and receive local channels – they are usually free. In fact, an outdoor TV antenna is one of the best ways to watch local channels without cable.  

The outdoor antenna is considered the most efficient. It can pick up and transcribe a signal over a long distance. It is advisable to choose an outdoor antenna in the case where the relay is located between 25 and 50 km of distance. If the distance is greater, the quality of the reception will be poor. 

Antenna quality affects the price (before installation) 

The more sophisticated your antenna is, the greater the purchase cost. Here, the costs begin:

  • A fixed dish with one or two heads: replaces a traditional antenna and also acts as a satellite antenna: Between 25 and 100 £
  • A motorized dish: Between 50 and 200 £, or even up to 2,000 £, (often if it exceeds one meter in diameter)
  • A discreet parable: between 60 and 400 £ 

You should choose a designated company to assist you with your antenna installation. Reaching the heights to install it can be both daunting and dangerous. Using ladders and partaking in what could be considered a dangerous activity is not worth the risk. That is why companies such as Sterling Satellite Installation Company in Northampton are available for professional install. They preserve the environment and the safety of the people around it. So what are the costs likely to be involved with an antenna installation? 

Here’s a pricing guide to help you prepare.

Proper companies that are trained in their skill are worth their weight in gold. This is why it is best to invest in a professional company with excellent reviews. Be sure to look at quotes to get a better pricing guide; however, it is known that the prices may vary depending on certain factors. 

The price of the antenna is usually included in the calculation of the price of the installation. You have the choice between a rake antenna and a dish. The cost of an outdoor rake antenna varies between £20 and £50. Some models can cost up to 100 €, but the classic versions worth £50 fulfill their role very well. Parables are significantly more expensive and can cost up to £300. On the other hand, they make it possible to capture over a greater distance. The cost of installing a TV antenna varies. You can install your TV antenna yourself, but it is better to entrust this work to a professional to make sure that it works 100%. 

What factors influence the cost of outdoor tv antenna?

As we have already mentioned, no amount of money can replace a lost life. It is important to note that usually this type of work is billed by the cost of labour and the danger of the job, the type of building, etc. This will include the length of time the job will take and also if you are having an old antenna removed and replaced.

It will usually cost between £15 and £250, excluding supplies. For this rate, the installer will fix the mast of the antenna so that it resists winds and bad weather. Proper positioning is vital for an outdoor antenna, therefore, without a professional eye, you will not be able to work out exactly what position it needs. They will also ensure the correct orientation of the antenna so that it captures well every day. With their knowledge and expertise, they will be able to then capture the best signal and then connect the antenna to the television. By calling on a professional, you have the guarantee of an antenna installed correctly and working 100%. Any errors with the image or problems that arise will be solved by the company you entrusted to help. Therefore, you know your money is well spent in case you need to resolve connection issues. 

It should also be remembered that many pay-TV channel services offer to install a TV antenna free of charge for each new subscription. If you plan to use the service of a professional for the installation of your TV antenna, you can ask for a quote before starting to have the exact price of the work. The team at Sterling Satellite is always on hand to offer expert advice on the work so that you’re comfortable, every step of the way. So what is the true cost of installing an outdoor TV antenna?

The price of installing an antenna depends on other factors:

  • The nature of the antenna
  • The quality of the antenna
  • Accessories
  • The price of installation of the antenna

Accessories to receive your TV channels

You may also need additional accessories. You will also need to acquire receipt items, which will inflate your invoice:

  • A range extender: This allows you to amplify the signals, especially when your antenna is located too far from the demodulator. Price between £10 and £2,000
  • A dispatcher: Its role is to divide the signal. The cost may be up to £40.
  • a coupler: it allows the connection of several antennas between them, in the same device used to receive them. This may cost up to £20. 
  • Cables: between £5 and £30.
  • A DTT decoder or HD DTT: In order to be able to receive DTT if you have chosen a satellite dish. This can cost up to £200. 

Permission to install

Since a TV antenna is visible from the outside, its aesthetics must comply with certain rules depending on the neighbourhood. Without changing the volume of the building, however, it changes the appearance of your home. Therefore, it is important to note that you may need permission. 

Its installation is therefore subject to a prior declaration to your town hall when your accommodation is located on a classified site or near a historical monument. Contact your town hall to find out more information regarding this. If you are a tenant, be sure to ask your landlord for permission. This will save you from any possible fines if you do not adhere to regulations. Whilst it is usually fine to install the antenna, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Gaining permission should not cost anything as it should not interfere with any neighbours. Therefore you will not have to budget for this. It is worth noting that according to experts, “Houses/ buildings up to 15 meters high- If your house or building is not in a restricted area you won’t need to apply for permission.” 

Is it cheaper to install it myself? 

As we have briefly touched on, installing an outdoor TV antenna alone is not recommended. But, in the world of modern-day DIY, nothing is impossible. However, it is necessary to know how to be reasonable and to agree to call on a professional, when necessary. The installation of a TV antenna comes into these cases. Indeed, the work to be carried out is delicate and the quality of the installation will be much better if it is carried out by a professional installer, whether they are an antenist, electrician, or general handyman. Installing an outdoor TV antenna involves:

  1. Knowing which material to choose according to the climate: aluminum antenna, zinc or steel antenna, or composite SMC
  2. Getting onto the roof without putting yourself in danger
  3. Fixing the mast in the right place, as little exposed as possible
  4. Orienting the antenna in a suitable direction
  5. Connecting the antenna to the TV

It is important to have solid knowledge and good tools, but also to master the gestures. If you are aware of your limitations and have no knowledge or skill in this matter, leave it to a professional. In 2021, the rates of building craftsmen are changing. But for safety and the benefit of a proper installation without any hiccups, working from a package with a quote is best. Also, you must allow the recommended prices in your budget. Any package that is less than the average price is worth questioning. The company may not be legit. 

So why hire a professional UK installation company? 

  • Safe, secure, and reliable
  • The expertise to install the antenna to the best location
  • Quick connectivity 
  • Faults can be immediately diagnosed and treated
  • Friendly reliable team to answer questions

For more information on installing your outdoor TV antenna, take a look further at Sterling Satellite Installation Company to ensure that you have the very best team on hand. It’s time to get your satellite installed safely and professionally.