Sky Tv Satellite is undoubtedly the best pay-Tv broadcaster in the UK.

Here’s why:

  • It boasts of over 12 million connected customers
  • It offers cutting edge services to its customers, evidenced by the low level of gripes averaging only one complaint per 100,000 customers
  • It offers a better and flexible experience compared with its competitors
  • It provides possibly the widest   selection of 4K content

To ensure its seamless experience is constant and unrivalled, Sky Tv uses Astra Satellite.

Begin your journey into state-of-the-art entertainment through Sky Tv Satellite by connecting your devices to the Sky broadband.

Sky Tv Satellite Installation 

To connect your devices to Sky broadband, you need to first get a Sky Hub. A Sky Hub is a digital box that connects your devices using HDMI cables to access Sky’s broadband service.

If you want a wireless connection, you will need a wireless-enabled device.

Positioning Your Sky Hub

Ensure your Sky Hub is correctly set and ready to connect. You also need to position it correctly to get a clear Wi-Fi signal.

  • If possible, position the hub in a central place in your home
  • Place the Hub a metre off the ground
  • Do not place it too close to the ceiling
  • Leave at least a 30cm allowance between the Hub and your electrical devices
  • Do not place it near a wireless device

You can then go ahead to connect your devices and enjoy the wide selection of content available.

Satellite Installation 

Sky Tv will mainly require a satellite dish to provide you with a broader range of channel selections and premium packages.

People living in flats with a communal TV system may not require individual satellite dishes to access Sky Tv. With the communal TV systems you can subscribe to Sky Tv without getting a personal satellite dish.

Generally, sky has three types of communal TV systems:

  • An integrated reception system
  • A single cable solution
  • A shared dish

With the communal Tv system, you only need to subscribe to Sky to start watching your favourite programs.

In the absence of a communal Tv system, you will need your satellite dish, and although you can install the satellite dish yourself, it is best to have a professional install it for you.

Satellite dish installation requires you to:

  •  Identify the installation site 
  • Have some basic dish pointing knowledge
  • Follow a specific procedure for dish aiming and alignment

If this installation process is beyond your ability, let a satellite dish installation expert do it for you. This way, you are guaranteed the best UK satellite and Tv installation.

Another advantage of having an expert install the satellite dish is that you are guaranteed customer satisfaction. The expert can only leave when you are satisfied and are receiving a clear signal.

Sky Without a Satellite Dish

You can also get Sky content without a subscription or a satellite dish regardless of your service provider by requesting an add-on.

You may also use a NOW Tv entertainment pass to access Sky content.

With the uncertainties caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, entertainment is becoming the fibre that’s holding everyone’s sanity together. It is only prudent to get yourself unrivalled entertainment through live streams and on-demand channels.